Benefits of growing edible flowers

Add flowers to your garden & be amazed at the rewards.

If you’re yet to include flowers into your edible garden, now is a great time to get planting.

As well as adding beauty and colour to your garden, edible flowers can have multiple benefits for both you and your veggies.

In this blog, we share our top five benefits of growing edible flowers in the garden and using them at home.

1.  Improve pollination & harvest

Vibrant, colorful flowers pollinators such as bees, butterflies & birds.  Pollinators perform a key role in transferring pollen to nearby vegetable & fruit plants, which ultimately helps increase production, quality & yield.  So, more flowers mean more edibles to harvest, which is great news for you and your hip pocket!


2.  Pest management

As we know, pests in the veggie patch can be a bit of an issue.  But we do want the right kind of insects to visit our garden.  Introducing flowering plants in or close to your edible garden can help to manage pests by either attracting the right kind of insects or repelling the less-than-ideal ones.  This is an inexpensive & entirely natural way of helping to protect & nurture your edible plants.


3. Health benefits

Many edible flowers are highly nutritious and can boost our health, for example by aiding in relaxation or immunity.  Many of our favourite flowers can even be used in natural skin care, cosmetics and enjoyed as a herbal tea.  The possibilities are endless!

Plus, edible flowers are absolutely delicious with interesting and varied flavours.  Adding flowers to a salad also gives an instant pop of beautiful colour and interest as well.  After all, we eat with our eyes as the saying goes!


4. Free plants!

Everyone loves free plants, especially when they have beautiful flowers.  When flower heads are spent & dry, collect the mature seeds from them to grow new plants, without spending any money at all.

Many flowering plants can also be easily propagated by cuttings, which is another source of instant free plants.  Just pop them in some water to grow roots or plant cuttings directly back into soil.


5.  They make beautiful cut flowers

Forget spending a fortune on arrangements and pick beautiful flowers from your garden instead!  There’s something to be said for a beautiful little posey of flowers from the garden sitting in a recycled jar or bud vase.  The smell will be incredible too.  Just be sure to leave some for the pollinators to enjoy!