Resources & News

Resources & News

Sustainable gift giving for kind people.

We’re heading into the festive season and many of us are thinking about gift giving as an enduring part of[...]

Perth City Farm Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Perth City Farm Strategic Plan 2023   This year the board of Perth City Farm have worked to re-fresh our[...]

How to Use: Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are a true gem in the world of gardening, celebrated for their vibrant flowers, easy cultivation, and a wide[...]

Benefits of growing edible flowers

Add flowers to your garden & be amazed at the rewards. If you’re yet to include flowers into your edible[...]

Event Recap: Regenerative Agriculture Forum

Pictured above: Our speakers Mark Taylor, Bonnie Jupp and Blythe Calnan. Our City Farm Forum focused on regenerative agriculture was[...]

Permaculture Living Course 2023

We ran the Permaculture Living Course in October and November 2023 and it was a wonderful success. We’re writing up[...]