The Farm

Entrance to Perth City Farm

Our urban farm is an evolving space and changes regularly as projects, people and funding come and go. You will see trees, plants and systems chosen using permaculture principles to provide a yield while helping to build soil, demonstrating sustainable living ideas to the public.

Permaculture can be defined as ‘consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for local needs’.

Curious about permaculture? Learn more here.


Currently at the Farm you’ll find:


Market Garden

With the help of volunteers we tend our Market Garden using the ‘Grow Biointensive’ method. This produces nutrient-dense food in a small space using low-tech market gardening tools. As well as teaching our volunteers about efficient food production, the garden helps to stock our stall at the Saturday Farmers Market, and the produce features on the onsite café menu.



Living Soil Centre

All organic material from the Farm’s kitchens, café, garden, and off-site prunings are turned into rich, organic compost that goes back into our gardens. We compost large volumes in our hot composting system, have large worm farms and experiment with bio-char.



Community Recycling Hub

As a way to help the people of Perth to live kinder lives, we operate a collection hub for items that can be recycled, but not through your standard yellow-top bin. The hub accepts small amounts (i.e. what you might collect in your household, but not your workplace) of very specific items, and the list of what we can accept changes regularly.

Please read here for more information on what we are currently collecting and when you can drop it off.



Bush Tucker Garden

This Bush Tucker Garden was planted in memory of Fanny Bulbuk Yooreel, a Whadjuk Noongar woman who was born around 1840 on nearby Matagarup (Heirisson Island). We honour her memory as an early Aboriginal activist with a selection of edible native plants, some of which Fanny would have harvested from this area.



Chook PalaceChildren feeding chickens

We have a much-loved flock of chickens (hens and roosters) and ducks at Perth City Farm. Chickens are wonderful members of the garden team, processing mountains of organic material, digging for bugs and aerating our soil.



Home Demonstration Garden

The Home Garden is designed to show how to grow a large amount of food in a small space, providing inspiration for our visitors to replicate some of the concepts in their own gardens.




Throughout the Farm you’ll find some gorgeous art — murals, mosaics and sculptures. In its early days the Farm was known as the only legal place to practice street art, so you’ll find some classic pieces here by artists who have turned their passion into their profession. New pieces pop up regularly; please reach out if you’d like to add some art to the farm.



Frog Bog

In the South-West corner of the farm you’ll find a Frog Bog, where we’ve turned a naturally damp area into a haven for our pest-controlling friends.