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Resources & News

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All about Community Gardens

Community gardens provide space and support for people to garden together. They come in many different shapes and sizes that[...]

Community Recycling Hub

As a way to help the people of Perth live kinder lives we operate a collection hub for items that[...]

Open Volunteer Positions

Join our team of wonderful volunteers and meet new people, learn great skills and give back to the community. As[...]

Using Stinging Nettles

Super Stinging Nettles At first glance stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is an unwelcome garden guest. Obviously the sting is pretty[...]

Permaculture & Perth City Farm

If we think of Perth City Farm as a place where we try to help folks to live kinder lives,[...]

History of Perth City Farm

From a disused and degraded industrial site to a flourishing urban oasis, sparked by a dream and powered by countless[...]