Learn new skills at Perth’s most central urban farm

Right in the middle of Perth’s inner suburbs is a thriving community of sustainable living experts, ready to share their skills in gardening, earth care, cooking, home care, making, baking or mending.  

Perth City Farm’s sustainable living and environmental education workshops are carefully curated windows into ways to manage waste, feed the soil or make something beautiful for your home or a gift. Check out our workshops and how you can join this sustainable community and adopt kinder ways of living.  

What can you learn at Perth City Farm? 

There’s a wide variety of sustainability education workshops at Perth City Farm and they all aim to do one thing: teach and encourage kinder ways of living. This simple idea comes from the underlying permaculture ethic: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. This means that you might learn how to start using permaculture practices in your own backyard, but it also means you have a chance to learn how to bake fresh sourdough or make soap. One of our most popular workshops is creating crochet rugs from rags, a great way to repurpose worn sheets or t-shirts into something new and colourful in your home. Our farm team also love sharing their knowledge about seasonal produce, caring for trees and soil and waterwise gardening.  

Farm team member Katie helps a workshop participant arrange plants in a glass jar during a DIY Terrarium workshop.
Farm team member Katie facilitates a DIY Terrarium workshop.

What to expect 

Most of our workshops are held on Saturday mornings while our Farmer’s Market is in full swing, so there’s lots of energy and great produce on sale at the Farm. We learn in our cosy Community Room, which has full kitchen facilities, but of course lots of the learning happens out in the garden with hands-on, practical tasks. In fact, hands-on learning is our way of doing things, so it’s worth arriving at your workshop wearing comfortable clothes, closed in shoes and prepared to get your hands dirty! Bring a hat or wet weather gear too, depending on what the weather looks like and remember that COVID safety is still important, we strongly recommend wearing a mask while using our indoor spaces.  

Our workshops are all different lengths, from an hour-long DIY Terrarium workshop, to two full days of Small Space Permaculture learning. Don’t worry, we usually try to create time to mingle with fellow participants, have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the outdoors. One of the perks of attending a workshop on cooking or preserving is not just that it’s a sustainable life skill, but that we can share our sourdough or pasta in a meal or morning tea before we leave! 

What people say about learning at Perth City Farm 

We ask every attendee at our workshops what their favourite part is and this is what some of them said:  

  • ‘Lovely group, great to see everyone’s designs, info on sourcing supplies was great.’ 
  • ‘Learning about something new and eating the yummy food, real value for money.’ 
  • ‘Laughter while learning’ 
  • ‘Good instructor, good facility, value, sufficient materials’  
A group of workshop participants sit a tables in a recent kokedama workshop. They have small plants and coconut fibre in front of them. In the foreground Farm team member Kathleen leans over to help a particpant.
A recent kokedama workshop.

How to find a workshop at Perth City Farm 

Head to the calendar section of the Perth City Farm website to find out what’s coming up and buy your ticket online! 

When you arrive on the day you can ask one of our friendly staff members to point you in the right direction and then there’s nothing left to do but get learning!